05 May 2010

The List.

One thing we see a lot of (lately) in the snus world is new products. And of course, the unfortunate down side to that is seeing products fade away or be discontinued. For some, it's a "Whew! Glad to see it go!" because it's one they didn't like. For some, it's a dreadfully mourned day (such as the day Claq Qui was announced as being retired). We've been keeping up with The List since 2010, and thought we should share it with everyone. 2013 is shaping up to be quite a year!

New 2013
Catch Collection Madison Avenue (2012) (link)
Catch Strong White Mini Peppermint (2012) (link)
Oden's 69 Extreme White Dry (2012) (link)
Oden's Cold Extreme White Dry (2012) (link)
Oden's Cold Extreme (2012) (link)
Oden's Lakrits Extreme (2012) (link)
Oden's Lakrits White Dry (2012) (link)

New 2012
Prima Fint Kardus (2012) (link)
Goteborg's Rape Kardus (2012) (link)
New V2 Brandy Alexander Snus (2012) (link)
New V2 Coffee Snus (2012) (link)
Taboca White Extra Strong (2012) (link)
Jakobsson's Melon Strong Portion (2012) (link)
Skruf Slim Original (January 2012) (link)
Skruf Slim Nordic White (January 2012) (link)
Nick & Johnny Radical Red (February 2012) (link)
Al Capone Pure (January 2012) (link)
Al Capone Citrus (January 2012) (link)
General White Onyx (January 2012) (link)
Oden's Extreme Lakrits (January 2012) (link)
General Extra Strong Long (February 2012) (link)
General Strong Mini White (February 2012) (link)
Goteborg's Rape Limited Edition (February 2012) (link)
Catch Collection Lafayette (February 2012) (link)
Thunder Cool Orange (February 2012) (link)
Offroad Coffee Supreme (February 2012) (link)
Thunder Coola Los (February 2012) (link)
Oden's Extreme Wintergreen (February 2012) (link)
Mocca Black Maple Midi Portion (February 2012) (link)
Thunder Cool Mint (February 2012) (link)
Smaland's (by Skruf) (February 2012) (link)
Blue Ocean (Blue Portion) (April 2012) (link)
Grinds Coffee Pouches (April 2012) (link)
Oden's Extreme Vanilla Portion (April 2012) (link)
Goteborg's Rape Lime (April 2012) (link)
Catch Collection Spring Street (Apple Cinnamon) (May 2012) (link)
General White Long Extra Strong (May 2012) (link)
Granit Stark White (May 2012) (link)
Catch Long White Black Currant (May 2012) (link)
Motörhead by Grovsnus (June 2012) (link)
Nick & Johnny: Black Tarmac (August 2012) (link)
Thunder Wintergreen White (October 2012) (link)
Thunder RAW: Frosted White (October 2012) (link)
Thunder Frosted White (October 2012) (link)
Thunder Cool Mint White (October 2012) (link)
Skruf Selection Natural (October 2012) (link)
Skruf XTra Stark White (October 2012) (link)

Dead 2012
Lucky Strike Nites (February 2012) (link)
General Onyx (White) (February 2012) (link)
General Green Harvest (August 2012) (link)

New 2011
Catch Collection//Chill (Mint Vanilla) (January 2011) (link)
Click Snus (January 2011) (link)
Thunder Coola (Cola) (February 2011) (link)
Granit Stark (January 2011) (link)
Granit Special White Portion (January 2011) (link)
Offroad Licorice White Portion (February 2011) (link)
Offroad Eucalyptus White Portion (February 2011) (link)
Phantom Classic Refill (February 2011) (link)
Blue Ocean (Winter 2011) (link)
Jägarpris (Winter 2011) (link)
Offroad Coola (March/April 2011) (link)
Thunder Chrom Long+ Limited Edition (Early 2011) (link)
Oden's Extreme (Early 2011) (link)
Copenhagen Snus (Early 2011) (link)
Offroad White Mini (February 2011) (link)
General Smooth Flavour (Medium White) (February 2011) (link)
Jakobsson's Licorice (April 2011) (link)
Jakobsson's Flader (April 2011) (link)
Kaliber (April 2011) (link)
Nick & Johnny Crushed Ice (April 2011) (link)
REAL Marlboro Snus (from Sweden) (April 2011) (link)
Skruf Mellan (White) (April 2011) (link)
Skruf Tranbar (White) (April 2011) (link)
Skruf Slim Fresh (White) (May 2011) (link)
General Classic Blend (Summer 2011) (link)
General Nordic Mint (Summer 2011) (link)
Oden's 59 (Loose) (August 2011) (link)
Oden's 59 (Portion) (August 2011) (link)
Lab Series 05 White Strong (August 2011) (link)
Lab Series 06 Extra Strong (August 2011) (link)
Thunder Original (Long Cut) (August 2011) (link)
Grov Kardus (August 2011) (link)
General Green Harvest (August 2011) (link)
Below Zero (August 2011) (link)
Thunder Blue Long+ (September 2011) (link)
Thunder Coola Long+ (September 2011) (link)
Thunder ChocMint Long+ (September 2011) (link)
Thunder Coffee Supreme Long+ (September 2011) (link)
Thunder OT-5 Long+ (September 2011) (link)
Thunder Frosted RAW (November 2011) (link)
Knox Stark (September 2011) (link)
Taboca White (November 2011) (link)
Jagarpris (White) (September 2011) (link)
Megapole Snus (November 2011) (link)
Knekt Snus (November 2011) (link)
Gringo Snus (December 2011) (link)

Dead 2011
Taboca Mini (January 2011) (link)
Taboca Los (January 2011) (link)
Offroad Wintergreen Long Cut (February 2011) (link)
Offroad Cranberry (February 2011) (link)
Elixyr Peppermint (February 2011) (link)
Elixyr Power Energy (February 2011) (link)

New 2010

Olde Viking Spearmint Portion (January 2010) (link)
Chaini Khaini Mango (January 2010) (link)
Chaini Khaini Spice (January 2010) (link)
Offroad Frosted Portion (January 2010) (link)
Phantom Blue (White Portion) (January 2010) (link)
Onico+ (Ginsing & Guarana/Nicotine Free) (February 2010) (link)
Offroad Frosted Los (February 2010) (link)
Catch Collection//Mellow (Rhubarb) (February 2010) (link)
Lucky Strike Strong/"Bold" Los (February 2010) (link)
General Mint (Regular Size) (February 2010) (link)
SnusX Snus Kit - Portion (February 2010) (link)
SnusX Snus Kit - Los (February 2010) (link)
Skruf Xtra Sterk - Portion (February 2010) (link)
Skruf Xtra Sterk - Los (February 2010) (link)
Bla/Blue - Los (February 2010) (link)
Gellivare - By Gellivare (February 2010) (link)
Landstrom's - By Gellivare (February 2010) (link)
Thunder Frosted Long+ (February 2010) (link)
Lucky Strike Nites - By F&L (April 2010) (link)
Pioneer Snuff (April 2010) (link)
Thunder: Original Test Series (April 2010) (link)
Vulcano Snus: Iceland Smokeless [Ash Free] (April 2010) (link)
Jakobsson's Wintergreen (May 2010) (link)
Olde Viking Original (May 2010) (link)
Catch Collection//Glow (Elder Lime) (May 2010) (link)
Snus X Los Kit (June 2010) (link)
Northerner Wintergreen (June 2010) (link)
Nick & Johnny White (June 2010) (link)
Offroad Longcut: Red Blend (August 2010) (link)
Catch Collection//Ease (Ginger Orange) (August 2010) (link)
Catch Pure Mint (August 2010) (link)
Offroad Longcut: Apple (September 2010) (link)
Offroad Longcut: Orange (October 2010) (link)
Chess Snus (October 2010) (link)
Gotland's Julesnus (Portion) (October 2010) (link)
Gotland's Julesnus (Los) (October 2010) (link)
Northerner's Merry Christmas (November 2010) (link)
V2 Nordstrommen Julesnus (November 2010)(link)
Gotland's Julesnus (November 2010)(link)
Ettan Kardus (November 2010)(link)
Jakobsson's Classic Strong Portion (November 2010) (link)
Jakobsson's Mint Strong Portion (November 2010) (link)
Grovsnus Kardus (December 2010) (link)
Chaini Khaini Saffron (December 2010) (link)

Dead 2010

Level (January 2010) (link)
Claq Qui (February 2010) (link)
General Maxi (February 2010) (link)
Triumph Mint (February 2010) (link)
Triumph Original (February 2010) (link)
Offroad Wintergreen Loose (March 2010) (no link, this isn't one we got to reviewing!)
Offroad Cranberry Loose (March 2010) (review link)
1847 (Swedish Match) (May 2010) (link)
Phantom Brown White Portion (June 2010) (link)
Nick & Johnny Black (June 2010) (link)

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