Offroad Cranberry Los (Discontinued) - Review. 14 September 2009.

NOTE: There used to be a review of Ettan Los here, but that review has moved to this link

This product has been discontinued and is no longer for sale.

Now, on to the Offroad Cranberry review!  I love Offroad Cranberry. V2 makes some great products, and Thunder Frosted and Offroad Cranberry are two of my regulars. So when I ventured into lös, I was really looking forward to this. Although I wasn't a fan of Phantom Blue, I greatly enjoyed Phantom Blue lös, so I assumed if a product I didn't like in portion was good as a lös, one that I DO like in portion would be amazing as a lös. I was not dissapointed.

The thing I like most about Offroad Cranberry is they don't try to mask the cranberry flavor with sweetness. When it comes to cranberry juice, I choose the natural cranberry juice over the kind that has alot of sweetness added to it. You don't need to add alot of sugar to cranberry to make it taste good. The cranberry itself is good enough as it is. Offroad knows and understands this, because the flavor of Offroad Cranberry lös is just that, pure cranberry flavor without all the sweetness added to it. This lös has a great, mild tobacco flavor, and it balances perfectly with the taste of pure cranberry and a very slight notes of salt in the background.

Offroad Cranberry lös is a course grind, and my Icetool formed a great pris that stayed together from start to finish with no run. The cranberry flavor stayed strong until the end, and the pure tobacco and hints of salt complimented the cranberry flavor perfectly. I actually enjoyed the flavor of the lös moreso than the portion, and I see this working it's way into my regulars. If you're a cranberry fan, or like Offroad Cranberry portion, I strongly urge you to pick up a can of Offroad Cranberry lös on your next order. It's really good, and has a pure flavor of cranberries perfectly balanced with a mild tobacco flavor and just enough salt to blend gently with the other two flavors.