10 March 2011

Fellinni Redesign. 10 March 2011.

In the past I wrote about Fellinni Lakrito, Eucalyptus and Mint. Upon it's release, V2 said the following about Fellinni. "Fellinni snus is V2 Tobacco’s mini snus suitable for the value-conscious female user of smokeless tobacco (snus). The size of the mini snus can is suitable for any female handbag and can therefore be brought along at any occasion." Well, now Fellinni is getting a facelift to become more suitable for dudes and chicks. Patrick at V2, when asked about the redesign, responded, "The Fellinni design was too feminine. Granted, the target audience was women - but we realized men also use mini portions, so we are releasing a more unisex design, rebranded as Offroad White Mini." Keep an eye on your favorite webstore as it should be available in the new design any day now.


  1. I think V2 overdoes it on the gender-oriented branding (maybe with the exception of Phantom, which isn't great, but more neutral)...
    Offroad and Fellini... both come across as a bit tacky/cheap to me. The gender-oriented branding cheapens it, in part because it is not done very well.
    Look at what SM has done with General Smooth, or Catch Puremint. Very gender-neutral (Ok, they're metal cans, which really isn't fair, but..). I think they are equally appealing to both males and females.
    Or even General Mint mini, or Mocca (I personally think this is among the "cutest" snus cans, but save for the purple mint, it is not OVERTLY feminine). It is a nice looking can. The font maybe, a little metrosexual for a dude.
    Here's an idea, V2: How about call the base-price snus V2 or Vogel-something? Take a minimalist approach to the branding/styling, in a Skruf-esque kind of way, and you can have a nice, classy enough looking package that is appealing to just about anyone.
    Sorry, but this "Offroad" thing is a little bit just tacky looking. Especially in a mini, this is not going to sway the Dip crowd. I argue less so about this in Thunder, because they are very strong, and strongly-flavored snuses.
    Don't get me wrong, I like the snus. But it deserves a brand/image that reflects the quality of the product inside accurately.
    Just my two cents (or euro-pennies, or whatever).

  2. I didn't like the design on the fellinni can... I think Catch pure mint has a good design aswell as General smooth medium portion :) The mocca can is very cute :)