Granit Stark White. Review. (Discontinued) 7 May 2012.

This product was discontinued in 2012, and relaunched in 2015.  Check out the new review - here.

I reviewed the Granit Stark in February of 2011, and to date I haven't had much Granit to speak of. I have some of the Granit Los that I hope to review soon. I saw that was now carrying a new Granit Stark White so I had to pick it up to check it out. Plus I really love white cans. Being an Apple fanboy, I love anything in white. It just looks classy. The nicotine content is listed on as "High Level", so I don't know what the content is, but if I had to guess I'd say around 17 mg/g, that's what it feels like. The aroma of this one is a mix of tobacco/citrus, and the portions are quite full looking, much more plump than I've been seeing lately from a lot of other companies. The can is listed as 21.6 grams, and one thing I found really interesting is that the ingredients listed "Lakrits" and "Salmiak" as being in this snus. Two flavors popular in snus, but not something I'm used to seeing in one snus, rather it's usually in two.

So, the snus has a pretty interesting taste. It's a very mellow citrus taste with almost a slight hint of licorice to it. It's almost like Granit Special White, but the licorice is VERY faint and hardly noticeable unless you're looking for it, which I was after reading it on the can. The snus has a mellow salt balance, and lasts quite some time, being a white portion. The citrus taste is very fresh and clean, and has almost a tea like quality to it. So all together it's a pretty interesting flavor. Not something I feel that I'd use on a regular basis or re-order, but if you're a fan of Granit it's worth a look into.