New snuses from Gotlandssnus! 13 April 2011.

Gotlandssnus recently announced on their Facebook Page and SnusOn that a new snus was being added to the Jakobsson's line - Jakobsson's Licorice. Also, Gotlandssnus Flader is to be released as a Jakobsson's Snus - same snus, new package/name. At this time it's believed Gotland's Flader (or Gotland's Green as it is called by most who use it) will remain in production and the new Jakobsson's addition will simply be to offer a more attractive/appealing can to those who use Jakobsson's now and want to try more offerings from the folks who make their favorite snuses. Also, Jakobsson's Wintergreen is pictured, but it is already currently available so not sure what that's all about.