06 January 2012

Oden's Lakrits (Original Portion) - Review. Updated: 26 December 2015.

There are a lot of licorice snuses on the market. Every company makes at least one - and some companies make several. Over the years I, being the guinea pig of the snus world, have reviewed them all, and only a few of them have stood out to me. General Licorice has always been my favorite, though it was discontinued recently. Catch Licorice (White Portion) replaced it as my full time licorice snus, and that is one of the others one I rank in the category of best licorice snus on the market. When I want a licorice snus in the los format, I usually go for Offroad Lakrits Los. But when it comes to portion snus with the licorice flavor, this one ranks firmly in my top 3. Yes, it's that good.

The flavor description says, "Odens Licorice Portion aftertaste is deep and rich. Like licorice, tobacco flavor, this is for you. The tobacco which has been selected in Odens snus has naturally soil near the undertones and sweetness."  This is the regular strength version, which clocks in at 9mg/g.  If you want more nicotine, there is an Extreme version that has 22mg/g of nicotine.  When you open the can of Oden's Lakrits, the aroma that comes through is a black licorice smell with a slight touch of sweetness. If you've ever had the black Jelly Belly jelly beans, it smells a lot like that.  That aroma carries through very well to the flavor, and you experience that really rich licorice flavor, a slight touch of sweetness, and just a little tobacco in the background.  As far as licorice snus goes, it really doesn't get any better than this!  If you're a lover of licorice, add this to your list, it's that good!

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