17 February 2012

Thunder: Cool Mint. Review. 17 February 2012.

I know what you're thinking. "The world needs another mint snus like I need another hole in my head." Thunder Cool Mint is one of the newest products from V2 Tobacco and one of the first new products to roll out of the new factory When I asked Patrick from V2 what made this snus different from Frosted, he described it as, "...a smooth and sweet mint - one that does not burn as much as Frosted." One of the coolest things about this new snus is the can. It has a very "summer swagger" looking can. If you're a beach person or a pool guy this would be something that would look cool on your table next to your tanning lotion. It's a pretty nifty looking can. V2 definitely kicked their game up a little bit on the design of this one.

So, how's the snus? When you open the can it has a very fresh and minty smell - it's very clear and crisp. It's more of a peppermint smell than spearmint, which Frosted predominately smells/tastes of. The taste is very fresh - a smooth and mellow mint taste with a very slight sweetness to it - but not like gross sweet. The portions are quite moist and have a hell of a drip, but it doesn't burn as much as Frosted does, which has a vicious kick in the back of your throat. It has a nice little tingle to it as well. Being a Thunder brand of snus it is quite strong, so it packs quite a kick. All in all it's a pretty good snus. If you're into mint it's definitely one to check out. I don't use many mints with the exception of Chocmint, which is pretty much the perfect after dinner snus, but I can see myself finishing this can pretty quickly. Look for it to hit webstores soon!

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