06 December 2010

Catch Collection//Guess Who's Back? 6 December 2010.

Every year, Swedish Match has a product line called "Catch Collection", which releases a new flavor every so many months to provide a unique little option to snus consumers. Granted, these portions always come in minis, but I just double barrel and pop in two portions. Recently, Swedish Match let their consumers vote on SvensktSnus.SE about which one they wanted to bring back, and Catch Chill//Mint Vanilla was the one they decided on! Music to my ears, because I loved it. If you've read my review last year of it, I remarked on how smooth the flavor was, and how great it paired with a Vanilla Coke. In fact, I still have one can left that I use very moderately, so I'm quite excited to see this coming around again. I may have to stock up a little better on it this time. It's held in cold storage for a year and tasted fine, so I've been able to observe how long these can truly last!

Without delay, this product will be released Week 1 of the new year, so I'd expect it available for Pre-Order soon at any of your favorite snus webstores. There wasn't much indication about the coming lineup for the new year, but if this is a sign, I'd hope that it's a "Best Of", because I'd love to see Catch Collection//Fresh Peppermint available again. That one had one of the best tastes you could imagine when it came to mint snus. I could even taste it's influence in the new Catch Pure Mint. So Catch Collection//Chill (Mint Vanilla) is coming back! Keep your eyes open and I urge anyone to try this that can - because it's truly a great tasting snus.

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