Blue Ocean - Review (Discontinued). 1 June 2015.

Update:  This product has sadly been discontinued and is no longer for sale.

In the past I've written about AG Snus.  Blue Ocean was originally launched as a white portion, but a few years ago it was changed over to a blue portion to fit the maritime theme.. People have been talking for years about snus coming in other portions colors, so it was inevitable that somebody actually do this. Blue being my favorite color, I think it's cool that the first non black/white portion is blue. I hope that in the future other snus companies will take note of this and continue doing this because this is really cool.

The product description for the Blue Ocean says, "This snus brand is developed by AG SNUS based on 5 generations’ knowledge about snus and smokeless tobacco products. The company’s location, surrounded by the blue ocean, has provided inspiration in the development of the Blue Ocean snus brand. The Blue Ocean snus flavour has been inspired by the fresh sea air, and yes even the portions have an obvious maritime appearance." The blue can and graphic scheme is very obviously designed to reflect that exact statement.

When I opened the can for the first time I was quite impressed with how blue these portions are, they're really neat looking.  When you open a can of Blue Ocean, a slightly sweet but very brisk tobacco aroma comes through. The snus itself actually has a little tingle/burn to it when you put it in your lip - I'm going to guess there is a presence of menthol/camphor to provide a cooling sensation. I'm guessing the intended result to the mixture of these initial impressions is to provide an experience much like the sea air - a brisk aroma/initial tingle. The taste is a little sweet, a little salty. The tingle stays around for a while, it reminds me of the cooling sensation that Lucky Strike Nites has. It's not a mint taste, but a menthol/camphor presence leading to a cooling sensation. The tobacco flavor itself comes through in a very gentle, mellow, and mild way. All these elements blend together very well to provide a really unique flavor and experience.

Something I want to add in closing is that this is a great snus if you're a fan of the beach or the ocean.  I love to travel, and everytime I go somewhere there is a beach, I always bring Blue Ocean with me.  The two photos at the beginning of this article are from the Bahamas and this photo is from Panama City Beach in Florida.  If you're a fan of going to the beach or spending a day out on the high seas - this is definitely a snus to bring with you.  It has a great taste and it's one that I enjoy throwing in the mix from time to time. and stopped selling it a while back, but still stocks Blue Ocean. It isn't available to the US anymore, so you may have to make a friend in Sweden if you want to try it.

December 2015 Update:

A reader, Mike Delaney, sent me this photo today.  On his recent order of Blue Ocean, the portions now appear to be white instead of blue.  I'm not sure if it's just the current batch this product came from or if they've changed them.  Once I find out more from AG Snus I'll update this article!


  1. It is currently available at snus24

  2. Still got about six cans left in the fridge. Thought it looked interesting so a bought a roll years back. Didn't care for it, but the blue portions did LOOK cool. Taste wasn't for me though... I'm an Ettan guy.


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