22 November 2010

Ettan Kardus - a VERY limited release. 22 November 2010.

When I first heard about this about a month ago, I was pretty excited. Limited edition snus is a really cool concept. I mean, let's be honest. As a former smoker, I don't remember very many limited edition cigarettes coming around. This is a very limited release, as I said earlier, only 40 of these babies ended up getting released - and 5 of these are being GIVEN AWAY. Yep, you heard me. But more on that later. A little about this release. It's being called Ettan Kardus, not because it's long cut or anything like that, but because back in the day snus was wrapped in paper and called Kardus, which means letter tobacco. The package, in essence, resembled a letter. This release is henceforth going to be called Old School Ettan. Now, only one place in the world still makes Old School Ettan, and that's The Tobaks and Tändsticks Museum, or to Americans it'd be the Tobacco and Match Museum. An 80 year old lady who works there was comissioned by Swedish Match to make 100 of these, but in the end about 40 will see the light of day. Each webstore is getting 10 of these, so it is going to be a first come, first serve basis. Our friends at Northerner.com are giving away 5, and it's quite easy to get entered into the drawing!

For the social networking enthusiast, it's pretty easy. Just go here, and click "LIKE" to like Northerner on Facebook and you're in. Remember, this requires you actually have a Facebook account. This is being released in December, so I'd assume the drawing will be around then. So over the next week or so, get hooked into the Facebook machine, click LIKE on the link at Northerner.com, or just visit their Facebook Page and click LIKE their and you're on your way! Old School Ettan will be available soon, so keep an eye out for it at your e-store.

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