01 August 2011

Oden's 59 (Loose) Review. 1 August 2011.

Earlier, I wrote about the new Oden's Extreme 59 Portions, now I'm going to dive into it's los counterpart - Oden's 59 Loose. I've been looking forward to this release for quite some time, and the day is finally here that I have it in my hands, or, in my lip. Oden's 59 Loose is, much like it's portion counterpart, a 22mg snus from GN Tobacco with a cinnamon flavor. It's one of the snuses I've anticipated most since hearing about it, and it's definitely been worth the wait. The number 59 carries no significance other than being just a product release number. In the past, the cinnamon flavored snus from Gajane/GN was called "Oden's Kanel", but is now being released simply as Oden's 59 under the Extreme flag.

As I noted in my review of Oden's Extreme Los, this is probably the most soft lossnus I've ever seen. It's like clouds, or a million little pillows. I actually formed a prilla today using my Icetool but you can handbake it if you want, both ways work fine!  The prilla stays together really well with very little mudslide. The taste is great, one thing I've always loved about los is the way it amplifies the taste of the snus. No portion matrial between the tobacco itself and my taste buds - just snus! The taste is great - much like Oden's 59, a raw, natural cinnamon taste. Not a sweet cinnamon, but a very raw taste with a slightly spicy note in the background.  The tobacco flavor is almost equally present with the cinnamon and comes through in a beautiful way, pairing great with that cinnamon flavor!    So Oden's 59 Extreme Loose is a great new release from GN Tobacco, and worth all the time we waited to finally see it come to fruition.

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