15 December 2010

Grov // Grovsnus Kardus. 15 December 2010.

After the limited release of Ettan Kardus recently, I received news today about a new and VERY limited snus release. In fact, it's so limited you can only buy it at the Tobacco & Match Museum in Stockholm. A handpacked letter tobacco version of Grov (remember, the word Kardus, as we explained in the last article, means letter tobacco) is available there, and the website has this to say. "Experience the atmosphere of an historic tobacco factory. A gentle scent of Havana and a rhythmic thumping lead us down to the Tobacco Factory in the museum cellars, where we make the historic brand Puck using authentic old machines on Skansen´s Craftsmanship Days. Here too, we roll cigars and pack snuff (Ettan as well as Grovsnus), whilst in the pipe-maker´s workshop, the pipe maker makes clay pipes - a unique craft that lives on in our museum factory. Everything we make is for sale in our gift shop, but you must be 18 or over to buy tobacco products."

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