MORE Christmas Snus! 27 October 2010

Just last week we wrote a preview of the new Julesnus from Gotland's Snus, and now you can get it from your favorite snus stores. And, as always, the other Christmas snuses are starting to roll around, including some of our personal favorites. All these are expected to be in the stock early November, so get your preorders in while you can! Holiday snus is very limited, so make sure and stock up if you enjoy it. I'm down to the last of my Julesnus from last year, so this is a good time to reload.

If you remember from last year's review of this snus, I actually liked it. If you've been following this blog long, you know I'm not a fan of purified snus like Oomph, or whatever it's being called now, but this Christmas snus was pretty neat. It had a cool little apple/cinnamon/vanilla flavor going on. Fresh taste, it wasn't too bad. Hopefully this year's follows in the same tradition. And I definitely like the packaging better. Last year's hot blonde was pretty cool, but anyone who knows me knows I love brunettes, and this year's can looks like they took note of that. Thanks, TillCe/Northerner - this can has much more appeal to me this year. Next year put Jessica Alba on it, and I'll be good to go.

Last but not least, the V2 Julesnus. says it like this, "Snus with a strong aroma of Glögg (mulled wine) and cinnamon and deep smooth taste that follows. From the snus manufacturer V2 Tobacco." If you remember from our review last year, I liked this one more than the Gotland's. Both were good, but I felt the V2 snus had more to offer in the terms of flavor. It will be quite interesting to see if they improved or changed the flavor, because last year's was spectacular!