General Onyx is back in black. 22 February 2012.

Well, that was quick. After being rolled out a few weeks ago as General Onyx (White Portion), General Onyx is about to return to the Black Portion it originated from. Apparently there was a strong consumer reaction and people are all, "WTF" and "Onyx is supposed to be black!" and so on and so forth, so Swedish Match decided to go back to black. I didn't really care either way, I mean - yeah, Onyx is supposed to be black, but the White Portion tasted just fine in my book. I've been using a lot of Grov Black lately and I could care less if it goes to a White Portion. But to each their own! So today there was a definite victory for those who dig Black Onyx. It's supposed to be coming back around Mid March, so if you're a fan of White Onyx - stock up because it won't be around too much longer.

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