13 February 2012

Mocca Black Maple Midi Review. (Discontinued) 13 Feb 12.

This product has been discontinued and is no longer for sale.

When we were in New York, Larry mentioned to me that a new snus was for sale on SnusCentral, and after checking it out it sounded to be a pretty interesting one. The description goes on to list it as, "A mini pouch snus with a very smooth flavor of vanilla, somewhat reminiscent of a good pipe tobacco." What's interesting is that this isn't a mini portion, this isn't a long portion - it's a little bit of both. It's a new type called a "Midi" portion. We'll get more into that later. First of all - this can is pretty much the most bling I've seen in a snus can since the old 1847 cans, but this one is a little more snazzy. It looks like something a Kardashian would snus. So to say this snus is manly would be a pretty bold statement. If you're a female snuser - this will be right up your alley. So ladies, listen up.

The first aroma I got when I opened the can was licorice, with a little hint of vanilla. The portions are mini portions but a little bit longer. But more on that later. They fit pretty well in the lip, these are immensely discreet. The taste is surprisingly mellow, there's an underlying sweetness to it. The taste of vanilla is very present with little hints of licorice in the background - so from the aroma to the mouth it basically flip-flopped. There is very little salt to speak of, and the taste fizzles out after about 20 minutes. So this snus is kinda "meh" in my book, but an interesting take on minis. To be honest, people who are into minis really don't have much to choose from, so it's pretty cool that they're getting something new. I'm not personally into minis, but I know people use them - so this long/mini approach is pretty interesting.

Comparing a "Midi" portion to a Long Portion from Swedish Match, you can see that the Midi is roughly the same length, but with much less tobacco. So it's like a Long/SuperSlim portion, AKA a Midi. Is this a new development soon to take the snus world by storm? Who knows. But it is interesting, and I'm sure people who enjoy mini portions are going to enjoy these, they're super discreet. The snus has an interesting taste, but not really one I would use again. If you like licorice or vanilla and are into mini portions, this would definitely be something for you to look into.


  1. Someone in the development dept @ Swedish Match must make or realllllly love electronic music. MIDI stands for: Musical Instrument Digital Interface, and it's a communications protocol that was developed in the early 80's so that synthesizers, drum machines, and sequencers be they software or hardware could all talk to eachother and deliver note on and note off/other controller data like velocity, volume, and a host of other parameter information. Interesting they would name a new product after that hehe

    1. @Casey303 - I was going to make that reference but I didn't want to "age" myself, haha.

  2. It's not dating yourself Chad haha I make music for a living and I use midi every day in the studio be it via USB nowadays though :P Interesting flavor though if there is any around in Sweden when I go back in Summer I will look for it.

  3. It is kind of dating oneself to only think of MIDI... ;)
    Well before MIDI supplanted CV and DCB, etc, the term "midi" referred to length, as in skirts. Midi would be a mid-length, between a mini-skirt and a full-length skirt.
    Sort of like between a mini portion and an original portion.