28 October 2011

More Special Kardus Snus coming soon! 28 October 2011.

Swedish Match has previously released two popular snuses in the traditional "Kardus" format, Kardus meaning letter tobacco. We've already seen Grov Kardus and Ettan Kardus, but now not only are these two making a limited come back, so are two other popular snuses - Prima Fint and Goteborg's Rape! Next week Swedish Match will be releasing 100 Ettan Kardus online, and next year each quarter will see a Kardus as well. These brands are the only ones that were formerly sold as "Kardus" format, so these are the ones we'll see next. In 2012: Q1 Götebrogs Rapé Kardus, Q2 Göteborgs Prima Fint Kardus, Q3 Grov Kardus (Return), Q4 Ettan Kardus (Return). Keep an eye out for these limited releases to come soon, and get them while you can!

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