25 November 2010

Two new Jakobsson's snuses! 25 November 2010

Happy Thanksgiving snus lovers! As usual, Snubie.com never sleeps so here's a little snus news hot off the presses. But what may come as a surprise to you is that many of us have already tried this snus. How, you may be asking? Recently Northerner sent out two cans to a select few customers with their recent orders. These were simple white cans for testing purposes. One of which was the new Jakobsson's Mint Strong Portion, the other Jakobsson's Classic Strong Portion.

Following in the tradition of the recently released Jakobsson's/Gotland's Wintergreen, the pH is bumped up a bit for a speedy nicotine delivery, hence the word strong. It weighs in at a killer 14mg per portion. The product description lists the Classic as "...a strong classic and memorable taste of real Swedish snus." The Mint is listed as "...a smooth long lasting Mint flavor. With an astonishing nicotine level at 14mg/g." I've tried both and found them to be quite flavorful and hard hitting in the nicotine department. I'll be doing full reviews on both in the coming week.

Now, when is this available you may be asking? Northerner.com currently has it in stock in the US and Swedish warehouses. For those in Sweden it should be available any day. For those in the US it will be available around 3 December 2010 due to FDA issues/registration. Last but not least, please get rid of the over abundance of warning labels. It looks tacky. There's a difference between meeting the minimum, and going overboard. Jakobsson's - you're not required to have more than 34 pieces of flair, so calm down a bit with the warning stuff. (if anyone got that Office Space reference you get a gold star for the day). Anyways, Happy Holidays, and we'll be reporting back next week with a full review of both new products!

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