21 January 2013

New Snuses from Swedish Match! 21 Jan 2013.

2013 is here, and it means lots of new snuses to look forward to. The popular Catch Collection line is returning, and obviously still using streets in New York such as Madison Avenue as it's motivation. This new one is described as, "The new Catch Collection - Madison Avenue, with a minty flavor and hints to chocolate and caramel, simply delicious! The mini portion has a discreet fit and is dry on the surface for a fresh feeling and long lasting flavor release."

Also new this year is Catch Strong White Peppermint Mini Portion. It is described as, "A discreet, mini-sized white portion with clear peppermint flavor, a hint of vanilla and dark chocolate. Dry pouch providing a fresh feeling, moist snus for a long lasting flavor release."  I know, another mint snus, but it's a little different in that it's a strong mini and lots of people dig mini snuses for discretion, though I've never had anyone notice I have snus in even when I was using a Maxi portion.  But, to each their own!  Both of these are on sale now!

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