16 June 2011

Get ready America, here comes Swedish Match. UPDATED: 21 Jun 2011.

21 June 2011: We got our hands on some of the new products and did a full review, here! Check it out and see just how the new General actually fares.

20 June 2011: So, a little update on the new General Snus products breaking onto the American Snus Scene. Check out the new chillers that the new General Snus products for America will be stored in. These things are sexy, they make those Camel "SNUS" chillers look like Margaret Thatcher naked on a cold day. I'm really digging these, I think Swedish Match did pretty well with the design. Also, for those of you not in a test market, BuySnus.com has the new General products available if you don't feel like making the drive to Chi-town or Philly. You can pick up General Nordic Mint or General Classic Blend and have them shipped directly to your door. Can't get any easier than that.

That being said, those of you in the test markets are seeing/should be soon seeing these products show up on your countertops. Get ready! You're part of a revolution! This is the WHOLE reason I started Snubie.com and this blog - to help Americans become more aware of snus and to help people understand the difference between American (Marlboro/Skoal/Camel) and the REAL stuff - Swedish Snus! Swedish Match designing these products and getting them into more stores in the US is great, and it's my honest hope that people will try these, learn the difference between General and the American garbage, and help to move snus up higher in the smokeless category in the US.

As I mentioned before, I didn't make the Chicago meeting due to missing a plane, but you can read the thoughts of some of the guys who did. Mick Hellwig from SnusCentral wrote his thoughts here, Larry Waters from SnusCentral scribed his personal opinion here, and Anthony from DrSnus.com wrote his thoughts here.

17 June 2011: The General Snus Blog has reported, "HISTORY REPEATS AND FLAVORS EVOLVE", going on to say, "Our sleek new pack design may seem like a major departure for us, but it’s actually a throwback to the original one we had over 150 years ago. It’s the perfect mix of past and future and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do. And to go with the new design we also have two exciting new flavors: General® Nordic Mint and General® Classic Blend. Both will be available in the Chicago, Dallas and Philadelphia areas or you can buy online. Check our where to buy section for a store in your area. Try them both and let us know what you think."

More information was made available via the GeneralSnus.com page today as well.

This is the new Classic Blend can. The website goes on to describe it as, "Bold Look. Classic Tobacco Flavor. Innovative packaging and true tobacco satisfaction come together in a new snus from General that truly lives up to its name. General Classic Blend has a well-balanced tobacco flavor with notes of caramel and exotic herbs for a snus experience that’s truly original."

And this is the new Nordic Mint can. The website goes on to describe this one as, "Sleek Look. Cool Fresh Flavor. Innovative packaging and quality tobaccos come together as one in a new snus from General made with the same high standard of quality for 150 years. Our new Nordic Mint is a refreshing blend of peppermint and spearmint, with subtle herbal notes that delivers a long lasting and unique flavor."

So what do we know? Well, Swedish Match will be releasing two new products - Nordic Mint and Classic Blend. Testing first in Chicago, Dallas, and Philly. It also says the option will be available to buy these products online, so I'm sure existing webstores will carry these as well for those not in a test market that can't wait to try them! Currently I'm hearing that BuySnus will have them in the coming days as well as their affiliates, but not yet confirmed. Yesterday in the WSJ article it said, "Mr. Darrah acknowledged that the company faces a significant challenge in trying to gain retail-shelf space in the U.S., where Altria and Reynolds dominate the cigarette and smokeless categories. "What we need to do is sell the opportunity to the retailer," he said." So hopefully soon we will see REAL Snus - General Snus sharing counter space with the American garbage. This is definitely good news.

16 June 2011: Today, General Snus announced on their Facebook page, "Big news is coming soon from General® Snus. Check back on Monday and be one of the first to find out." Wall Street Journal shortly thereafter dropped a new article online, titled "Swedish Snus Maker Sets Sights on U.S. Market". They go on to say, "Smokeless-tobacco giant Swedish Match AB, the dominant maker of snus in Scandinavia, plans to begin a major push into the category in the U.S. in the coming months. The company, which to date has only dipped its toes into the small-but-growing segment of the U.S. smokeless-tobacco industry, is unveiling two new versions of its General brand for American consumers and sharply expanding retail distribution starting this month. Initial markets will be Chicago, Dallas and Philadelphia, executives said in an interview Thursday." It is my sincere hope that Swedish Match pushes forward in a major way to get REAL Snus on the shelves of every store in America (much like Camel has done with their "SNUS").

In April, a guy on YouTube put up a video about some products he was testing in the USA that were a new type of General, they came in the "coffin" type cans that the old Nick & Johnny East and West came in, and were in two flavors, Smooth Taste and the other one was Nordic Ice or Nordic Mint - it was some type of mint. There were 15 portions in the tins he tested. At the time, I thought this was part of the news about the Ettan products being launched in the US, but this test was something completely different.

A few days ago, Larry at SnusCENTRAL put up an article about a Secret US Snus Summit. I was to attend this today, but due to a series of unfortunate events I missed my flight. This news was posted from Wall Street Journal within the past hour, so it remains to be seen what news will come out of this US Snus Summit. I'm hoping to hear soon from my sources. Check back and I'll be updating this article as more news is available!

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