Claq Qui and Level discontinued... 13 Jan 09.

According to, Claq Qui is being discontinued 28 Feb 09. I'm not a fan, I'll be the first to admit it - it wasn't quite the flavor I like, but I know alot of people out there are. So I know it's a bummer to alot of you. Check out the deals on it! BuySnus has a buy 10 cans pay for only 7 deal right now, and I'm sure other stores will follow, so get it while you can!

Also, more news. This morning, several people noticed that Level was no longer listed on the online stores. CJ - if you're reading this, I'm sorry to report to you (and other fans of Level) that Level is no longer being sold. JTI has stopped production on Level snus due to low demaind in the Swedish market. When reached for comment, they remarked, "JTI Sweden would like to be able to focus on the strong brands we have in our snus portfolio, both in the value segment (LD) and in the premium segment (Camel and Gustavus). We believe our prospects are best served by de-listing Level from a portfolio with such strong brands." So, 2010 will see the death not only of General Maxi, but also Level, and Claq Qui. You will be missed.