16 August 2011

V2 announces Thunder Long+ Chrom LE release date! 16 August 2011.

V2 today announced the release date for their limited edition Thunder Chrom Long+. You can expect to see it hit webstores around 5 September 2011! The final flavors are Coola, OT5, Blue, ChocMint and Coffee Supreme. As far as the flavors go - I've been mixed on Blue. I didn't really like the Thunder Blue or Phantom Blue (Portion), I liked Phantom Blue los and really liked Phantom Blue White Portion. So I'm curious as to which taste profile this Blue will have. I really liked Thunder Coola and Offroad Coola. When I reviewed the Thunder Test Series, OT-5 was my favorite of them all, and I'm glad it won and we'll be seeing it in this release. ChocMint, I believe, will taste like Felinni Mint, which had a taste of Chocolate & Mint, it reminded me a lot of Andes Mints.

On 9 January 2011, I wrote in an article that I was testing a new snus. That test went on into the summer and was one of the longest snus focus groups I've ever been a part of, complete with about 5 or 6 different rounds, each round consisting of at least 2 different prototypes of a snus. Though I wasn't able to say at the time what I was testing, I can say now that it was the new Coffee Supreme that is coming in V2's Thunder Chrom Long+ LE. The honing and fine tuning started with a loose and worked into portions, each release going a bit farther with the flavor. In the end, I can say this stuff is going to taste great. It had flavors of coffee and brandy alexander (which was my favorite lossnus V2 has ever released). This stuff is going to be great. I wasn't a big fan of the Offroad Coffee Vanilla, but I really look forward to this release, I think this is going to be the world's best coffee snus. (Technically it's the only one, but if it had competition I'm sure it would win.)

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