13 April 2011

New snus - Kaliber! 13 April 2011.

Swedish Match recently announced the release of a new snus by the name of Kaliber. They say, "Swedish Match will be launching a modern, attractively priced alternative, Kaliber, to accommodate consumers who want high-quality low-priced snus. “Kaliber is a straightforward portion-packaged snus for price-conscious consumers who are unwilling to compromise on quality,” says Markus Eileryd, Product Manager for Kaliber. Kaliber will be available in stores in the week commencing on April 11, and in original and white portion formats. The products will be produced according to Swedish Match GothiaTek quality standard and will have a popular tobacco flavor with a hint of citrus."

Sadly, at this time it's only available in Sweden and not sold online. Maybe in time that will change pending sales results in Sweden and how it performs. If you live in Sweden and want a good snus at a good price, check it out. I'll have to pick up a can next chance I get and check it out. Hopefully it'll be better than the last low priced snus I tried, Level, which wasn't that good.

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