Al Capone - Pure and Citrus. Two reviews! 12 January 2012.

In November, I reviewed the Al Capone Mint snus from TillCE/Northerner and was surprisingly impressed. I'm not usually into purified portions/minis, but I actually found it to be surprisingly good. Not something I'd want to buy on a regular basis, but I could appreciate it for what it was, and for a purified mini it was definitely one of the better ones I've had before. And having a snus blog means trying everything, so nothing gets under my radar, even if it seems like something I won't like. I do it for you guys. So just added two new products to the Al Capone line - both 6mg as before. Pure and Citrus. I'll be reviewing both today.

The product description for pure lists the flavor as "pure tobacco", which might be a pun, I dunno. It's a purified portion, but I think the taste is also a "pure" tobacco taste. Interesting double entendre, even if it was unintentional. The portions are small and super dry, so a lot of prewetting goes into getting these ready for insertion. The aroma of this snus is a very pure and clean tobacco aroma, it's very fresh. The taste takes a while to come on, but it's not too bad. A clean and fresh tobacco taste, a little salt in the background - but all together it's a pretty fresh taste. I had to double up on these to get the full effect. As I said before, these aren't something I'd order often, but if you're into the mini/purified snus this would definitely be something to check out. To my knowledge this is the only one that has a simple tobacco flavor, so definitely something to look into if you're into this type of thing.

Citrus is a very common taste when it comes to purified minis, and the last one I had was absolutely terrible. Oomph Citrus Menthol was the 4th snus I tried in May of 2009 when I was first coming into Swedish Snus. Needless to say, I didn't like it. This one has a lemony smell to it, wrapped up in a very fresh and clean package. Being a purified portion I imagine that contributes a lot to it. The portions are very small and dry, so it'll take a little prewetting before these are ready to put in my face. I haven't mentioned this yet, but I really like the name Al Capone. I don't know if any thought went into it, but I wonder if it has anything to do with how snus is being treated by the FDA/PACT situation. With the price rises, the taxes, the shipping issues - it almost seems like the Prohibition days at times.

The taste of this is a very tart lemon taste. It's very fresh and clean, very pure - being a purified portion, as I said before, I imagine that has a lot to do with it. There is a slight mentholated/medicinal taste in there too, and a little bit of salt thrown into the mix. This snus is much better than the Oomph I had a few years back, but still not something I'd go out and purchase or want to use again. Is it bad? Not really, it's just not my thing. I can imagine for those of you into this type of snus that may be bad news, but approaching it objectively - it's not bad for what it is. I like the Pure and the Mint much better than this one. I just can't really get into this one. I can dig the purified tyoe of snus - I think it's great especially for those who are snus skeptics, and there's definitely a niche for this in the snus market, it's just not my cup of tea. If you're into minis though - check out the Pure and the Mint from Al Capone, they're pretty decent snuses.