Catch Collection//Ease (Ginger Orange) Review. (Limited Edition) 26 August 2010.

NOTE:  This product was a limited edition release and is no longer for sale.

When my buddy @worldofsnus (Twitter) said, "Catch Collection Ease, Ginger/Orange #snus is the best snus ever made...ever. Im quitting roda lacket as long as its here. Mmmm summer...", I was quite interested in this one. Naturally, I've been a big fan of the Catch Collection since first trying Chill//Mint Vanilla last year. This year's Collection has also been equally impressive. Rhubarb in January, Elder Lime in May, and now Ease//Ginger Orange following a few months later to end the series. This year's collection only had 3 flavors, whereas last years had 4 with the last release of 2009 being a "Christmas-esque" flavor. Why did they do it this way? I have a few theories. Catch Pure Mint came out about the same time as Ease, perhaps they're only allowed 4 releases of the Catch name per year? Or (and this is a bit out there), maybe Swedish Match is going to drop a Christmas Flavored General Snus at the end of the year to compete with V2 and Gotland's Julessnus. I wish! That would be epic.

The first thing I thought about this when I heard the last release was going to be Orange was, "Really? A limited edition citrus flavor?" With lime being the most recently released and citrus being a predominant flavor as is in the snus world, I was curious what SM was up to with this one. I love Ginger, and I primarily use General White (a citrus flavored snus), so I was quite excited about Ease. To clarify - when you read "Orange" in the flavor profile of this, it's not generic citrus flavor and doesn't taste like the traditional bergamot flavor profile you're used to. It's, what I like to call, "straight up" orange. The ginger flavor, however, isn't as strong as I was hoping for. If you really pick through and LOOK for it, you can detect very subtle hints of it, but orange takes center stage in this one. It's not overbearingly sweet, either. It has the familiar salt undertones, and is a very flavorful snus. This being a mini, I had to double up on the portions, and that seemed to work out pretty well for me. Great way to end out the 2010 Catch Collection. Here's to hoping for Dr. Snus' coconut flavored Isle Catch to be in the mix next year. How about it, Swedish Match?


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