Lucky Strike Nites - Discontinued! 22 February 2012.

Some of you may have noticed the Lucky Strikes brand has been dwindling down to a few products. After recently using the loose, F&L recently also pulled the Nites SKU as of a few days ago. I had mixed reactions to this, I was worried the Lucky Strike brand was going away, but the reason behind this actually makes sense. After talking with the folks at F&L, they feel pretty strongly that Lucky Strike is a "niche" brand. In an effort to simplify the portfolio, they're going to be focusing on 4 Lucky Strike SKU's - White, Original, Strong, and Strong White. Nothing more, nothing less. So the Lucky brand is staying around, but in a much more simple way. I'm bummed about Nites going, though. I reviewed Nites in 2010 and have always kept some around, it's a really good snus so it's a shame to see it go. I know Snus2 still has some in stock as of the date of this writing, so if you want to get some - get it while you can, once it's gone it's gone forever!