07 October 2012

New Skruf & V2 Products! 7 October 2012

Christmas is coming early - we have lots of new products to talk about! First, let's start with Skruf. They've launched two new products, one is called Skruf Selection White Portion, which is much like General Green Harvest. BuySnus.com describes it as " NEW: Skruf White Portion, but produced from naturally grown tobacco: A taste of pure and mild tobacco with natural bergamot rose oils." Next is a white portion version of their popular Skruf XTra Strong, and is described as, " Building on the success of the Xtra Strong Portion, Skruf have come up with a white portion version of it - a stronger and more robust snus containing more nicotine than most other brands. To make this extra strong white portion, Skruf use specially selected tobaccos, providing a rich taste and higher impact."

Next, from V2 Tobacco - 4 new White Portions - Cool Mint (White), Frosted (White), RAW Frosted (White) and Wintergreen (White). Wintergreen (White) and Wintergreen (White) are listed as limited editions.  With V2 moving into their new factory this year, they have a lot more room to create more snuses - and white portions/strong portions are very popular, especially among snusers in the Norwegian market.  I imagined someday V2 would release more white portions, now seems like a good time for them with all the space they have at their new place.  But one question remains in this bloggers mind.

When is V2 going to release Brandy Alexander (Portion)? That's the ultimate question!

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