19 October 2011

Jagarpris White Portion Review (Discontinued) - 19 October 2011.

NOTE:  This product has been discontinued and is no longer for sale.

The folks at AG Snus have released a new snus - Jagarpris White. I've reviewed both of their products in the past - Blue Ocean & Jagarpris (Original Portion) and found them to be very interesting, and much different from anything else on the market today. At the time I tried them, not many people had ventured out to check out the newcomers, but now as some time has passed more and more people have tried them and opinions are very mixed and quite polarized. It seems the AG products are a love/hate snus. I, for one, liked them. I found them to be very unique and one of those things you just have to try to form an opinion yourself. I was talking to Larry from SnusCENTRAL this morning and he's a fan of the Jagarpris, as well. I've seen positive reviews here and there as well as negative ones - so as far as this new product I will say it's something you just have to try. If you aren't familiar with AG Snus, I wrote an article about them in the past which explains their history.

Now, on to the review. I reviewed the Original Portion in the past, and found it to be quite unique and enjoyable - a very flavorful snus. In regards to the OP, I said, "When you open a can of Jägarpris, the aroma is a slightly sweet but rich and fresh earthy aroma, it smells of the season of Fall. The portions are very comfortable and quite moist. The taste is very mellow - a rich tobacco flavor with earthy undertones and a gentle salt balance."

I find the White Portion to be much like the Original Portion but with a more mellow/balanced flavor. The aroma that comes through when you open the can is a slightly sweet and floral aroma with little hints of citrus in there as well. It's a very natural/earthy smell. The taste, at times, reminds me of Nick & Johnny Strong - having a very natural and Earthy flavor, but with a slightly sweet citrus taste as well. The snus has, as most do, a pleasant salt balance as well tying these flavors together. The portions are extremely comfortable, some of the softest white portions I've encountered yet. As I've said before, I'm a fan of this - so you know my opinion. I find AG Snus products to be a love/hate product for most people - reviews being "really like" or "really dislike", so it's one you have to try for yourself. I like supporting new and upstart companies, and I look forward to more products coming from AG Snus in the future, as they seem to have a unique vision and take on snus.

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