03 February 2010

General Mint (White Portion) - Review. 3 February 2010.

Add this to the list of things I never thought I'd see. Swedish Match's popular General Mini Mint in a regular portion, dubbed simply, "General Mint". Probably the most simple name of all time. When I first started using Swedish Snus, General Mini Mint was my first love. Granted, I burned myself out on it REAL quick (partly due to not trying any snus other than unflavored), and haven't really touched it since mid 2009, but, it's good to be able to pick this one up and approach it with an open mind. I honestly believe on the list of Swedish Match's "What people want most" it's either this or Nick & Johnny Los. (you listening, SM?) I'm very glad to see it finally made it though, because a white portion mint snus isn't something easy to come by. Triumph Mint is the only one that I consider to be a quality white portion mint snus, but the fact that it's availability is very limited (I have to get a friend in Ohio to send it to me), I've been wanting something to come around that's easier and more convenient for me.

Enter General Mint. The aroma is like the original Mini Mint, a sweet mint aroma, much like pure mint oil, which I think is what's used to add the flavor to this - because it's quite similar to mint oil. The portions are very comfortable, the tobacco very soft, and requires no fluffing, it's good to go right out of the can! I've been enjoying Offroad Frosted alot lately because I wanted a mint that wasn't a sterk (I just can't chain snus Thunder Frosted anymore...), but I much prefer white portions, so I was glad to see this come around. The flavors of this and Offroad Frosted are much different. Whereas Offroad Frosted has a spearmint flavor, this has a pure mint flavor, it is sweet - but very gently so. A mellow salt balance accompanies the sweet mint flavor, which lasts much longer than it's little mini brother, up to an hour and a half for all the portions I used. A nice little nic hit, and minimal drip.

A great release from Swedish Match, obviously listening to the fans that have asked for this for so long now. And it's great to have a white portion mint snus that is easier to get ahold of now than having to barter and hunt down Triumph, because who knows how much longer that will be around. Before, I called General Mini Mint a "Camel Snus Killer" when I would speak about it with other snus users, but this is definitely stepping up the game. With Swedish Match moving more into US territory, I honestly believe if this was on the shelf next to RJR bastardized "SNUS" product, it would not only outsell it, but give people a better first venture into the world of Swedish Snus, especially those who want to immediately come into the mint variety and don't like the mini portion size. All together, a great product, and I'm glad to see it has finally appeared.


  1. This really is a great snus. It was the first snus I tried, just to get away from the knock-off Camel crap. I've also tried the General portion (regular unflavored) but prefer this because it doesn't make me drool as much. WORLDS better than Camel! It's a point of pride to tell people at the warehouse I work at that I use "the real deal Swedish Snus." That gets me odd looks from most people because they just don't know what is good!

  2. Matthew - Glad you enjoy it! It's one of my favorites. General Mini Mint was actually the first snus I regularly started using. If you like mint - also try Offroad Frosted. It has a great flavor. And Swedish Match also recently released a new product - Catch Pure Mint.

  3. Hi Chad, great blog!!!
    Can you help me out? What’s the closest Snus product to this General Mint white portion that I can get in the EU?
    I’ve ordered general cut white ice, looking forward to that. However, in my experience, I’ve tried Skruf, offroad, jakobssons, and few others, but NOTHING is like general mint white portion - it has a lovely sweetness to it...
    I can’t get general mint anywhere! I’m worried the general cut white ice will be a disappointment, minty but no sweetness...

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  5. General Mint was the first real snus for me. Great stuff if you like mint. Not comparable with Camel at all. It is still in my rotation, but lately I have found myself drifting towards more “traditional” tasting snus. I am stuck on cheap Oden’s original portion, that taste grew on me, so now I am looking into other brands hoping to find similar tasting snus, or better....like a kid in a candy store:)