Offroad Coffee Supreme review. (Discontinued) 13 Feb 12.

NOTE:  This product has been discontinued and is no longer for sale.

Another new snus has been released from V2 Tobacco, Offroad Coffee Supreme. BuySnus describes it as "Offroad Coffee Supreme Portion has an rich and robust coffee taste with hints of vanilla and brandy. Medium nicotine content, 8mg/g." Those of you who tried the Thunder Chrome Coffee Supreme when it came out last year will remember this flavor. After discontinuing the Thunder Chrome series, V2 announced that one flavor would be returning in portion form - Coffee Supreme. I was a part of the "Heisenberg" test group which went through almost a year of testing to lead to the formulation of this particular recipe - which achieved the goal we set out, to make the best tasting coffee snus the world has ever seen. Coffee Snus purists complained that the Chrome series was too wet, too strong - and asked for a regular strength Coffee Snus. Though it isn't the Coffee/Vanilla that many people asked for, it is a return of the excellent Coffee Supreme flavor in an original portion with less nicotine.

The aroma of this snus is fantastic. Though I'm not a fan of coffee, I always loved the smell of fresh roasted coffee beans, and this captures that perfectly. The taste is excellent - a great coffee taste without a lot of the bitterness one would come to expect from a coffee flavored snus. My biggest complaint with Coffee Vanilla was how artificial it tasted - and this snus doesn't have that. The taste is a natural coffee taste - much like fresh roasted coffee beans. There isn't much sweetness to speak of, which is a good thing. If you're a fan of coffee - this snus would be right up your alley. Those of you who weren't satisfied with Chrome and found it too moist or too strong, this new formulation is an answer to those of you who wanted a change.


  1. I haven't tried it yet Chad but I hope your description matches my tastebuds. Heisenberg's goal was to develop the finest coffee flavored snus ever made.

    After the 3 original loose test versions, things started going off track, I think. With their new state-of-the-art factory and production lines, I have high hopes for the Offroad version of Coffee Supreme.


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