Thunder Coola Loose Review. (Discontinued) 13 Feb 12.

NOTE:  This product has been discontinued and is no longer for sale.

It's been over a year since I first reviewed Thunder Coola, and it seems V2 really believes in the flavor. It's stuck around all this time, been released in an 8 mg portion, and now in a loose. I always dug Coola, I found the flavor to be interesting and very unique - V2 is the only one who makes a Cola flavored snus. It's been met with mostly positive feedback so V2 is continuing in the tradition and finally releasing a loose version. Those of you who don't do loose or don't do much loose - you need to break that habit. Portions take away a little bit of the flavor when it comes to snus, so if you like a snus and there is a loose counterpart - definitely check it out because any snus you love in portion will taste that much better in loose form.

When you open the can the aroma of Cola jumps out at you. It smells really, really good. This is one of those snuses that you'll find it hard to remove your nose from the can long enough to put it in your lip. When I first reviewed it, I mentioned that it tastes like a more natural cola - much like a Boylan Cola or Jones Soda. The taste of this snus is great - a natural Cola taste that isn't too sickingly sweet, but with just enough sweetness to it to give it a really strong flavor profile. This being a Thunder snus, it has a strong nicotine content, so I baked just a little prilla and got a pretty good kick. The grind of this is really easy to work with, I was able to bake a quick prilla in less than 30 seconds. It's a moist snus, but not too moist - so there isn't too much of a strong drip. All in all, this is a great snus. If you're a fan of Coola and into los - definitely pick some up on your next order.