Thunder Original : Long Cut - Coming Soon! Updated 8 August 2011.

8 August 2011 Update: My image of what I thought the can was going to look like wasn't too far off! I just received news that the new Thunder Long Cut will be available in early September in webstores. So those of you foaming at the mouth for a long cut snus will finally get your wish and it's about a month away! Look for it soon. As this will probably be a limited edition run, make sure you get your hands on some before it sells out. And who knows? Maybe the sales number will be such that they'll keep it around.

Today, V2 Tobacco announced on their Facebook Page, "Coming soon: Thunder Original - Long Cut." Giving what a current can of Thunder Original looks like, this is my estimation of what the can of Long Cut would look like. Or it could be something completely different. I'm going to assume this is a limited edition release - so those of you who have been asking for a long cut snus, buy this up quick! Maybe sales figures will be such that V2 decides to keep it around. I know a few snusers that have been asking for it - but in the end it's all about demand. Look for more information to come soon including a release date.