Oden's 59 Extreme (Original Portion) - Review. 1 August 2011.

Review Updated: 23 November 2015

I originally reviewed this product August of 2011 and honestly, it has changed so much since then I felt like it needed a re-review.  In a recent SnusCENTRAL order I threw a can in because I haven't had it in years, and I was quite surprised by how much it had changed.

When it comes to Oden's 59 Extreme Portion, the product description says, "Odens 59 Extreme Cinnamon Portion Snus is a cinnamon flavored portion snus with the highest reported nicotine content to date at 22mg/g. Oden's 59 Cinnamon Extreme is manufactured for Gajane by GN Tobacco."  The cans have definitely improved over what they used to look like.  For those who may be new to GN Tobacco, when they first came on the scene their snus came in these hideous hockey puck looking cans, but now they look much better.

Upon opening the can, the aroma that comes through is a sharp and present cinnamon smell with a mild tobacco character in the background. The taste is what changed the most, in my mind. In the past, I got a dark, peppery tobacco taste mixed with cinnamon. Now, the cinnamon character is much more bold and the tobacco flavor isn't as peppery and is a much more mild flavor. The cinnamon flavor reminds me of a blend of Red Hots and Big Red Chewing Gum.  The cinnamon flavor is much more present now than I noticed in the past, and the tobacco flavor is a little different and not as present.  Not saying that's bad, it's just different from what I remember, which is why I updated this review to reflect the new flavor.  Being an Extreme portion, it's stronger than your everyday snus.  It clocks in at 22mg/g, so if you're not used to strong snus, prepare yourself!  This stuff is rather stout.

If you want to try this snus but don't want the super strong version, there is also Oden's 59 (Original Portion), which is a regular strength version of this snus.