Knekt (Original & White Portion) Reviews (Old Products) - 21 August 2015.

Note:  This is the old review.  Check out the new review of Knekt Original and White Portion - here!

I originally reviewed Knekt Original & White Portion back on 5 November 2011. They've recently gone through a design change and I've heard the quality had increased, so I felt it was important to update my original review to reflect the changes that had occurred with this particular product. Knekt is a value priced brand from Fiedler and Lundgren and they describe it as, "Flavour Filled with balanced smokiness."  I'm not shy to admit that I was not a fan of these two when I reviewed them back in 2011, but I wanted to give them a fair shake when I heard that some changes had occurred with the product.

Doing a comparison between 2011 and 2015, I will say that the cans look better.  They seem more modern and don't look as cheap as they did before.  The portion material has also improved and is more consistent.  The original portions have a higher moisture content, and the white portions aren't quite as moist as they used to be, rather, they're more in line with most white portions when comparing with other brands.
Knekt Original Portion

Opening a can of Knekt Original Portion you're greeted with a mild and slightly smoky tobacco smell.  Other reviewers have noted a hint of citrus in the aroma and the taste, but I've never really noticed it.  The can also says this snus contains salmiak, but I don't notice that in the taste or aroma, either.  It's a pretty straightforward and mild tobacco flavor.  There's a mild hint of smoke in the background, but that's about it.  The salt flavor, however, seems a bit higher in this one than in other snus products I've had in the past.  It's hard to compare to anything, but if I had to think of a product in the past I could compare this to it would be a poor man's Lucky Strike Snus.  It doesn't taste anywhere near as good as Lucky Strike, but that's the closest thing I can think of due to the tobacco taste and the smokiness.  This snus isn't excellent by any means, but it's not horrible.

Knekt White Portion

Upon opening a can of Knekt White Portion, a VERY mild tobacco aroma comes through.  It's almost hard to detect it's so mild.  The can says the product contains lakrits and salmiak, but I don't detect that.  Other reviewers have noted citrus in the flavor, but I don't notice that either.  This one is a much, much more mild version of the original portion Knekt.  It's a very light taste of tobacco with a very small hint of smokiness in the background.  There's a little bit of salt, but that's really about it.  I'm not really a big fan of this one because the taste is very weak and I don't really get much flavor out of it.

Neither one of these snus products are that great.  The White Portion I don't like.  The Original Portion is decent - it's not great, but it's not horrible.  But, everyone's tastes are subjective so you may like these.  If you're looking for a cheaper alternative with a tobacco centric flavor, give these a try.  They may be your new favorite snus.  They don't cost much, so if you don't like them you won't be out much!