22 March 2011

Lots of snus news! 22 March 2011.

UPDATE: Copenhagen Snus is out, and the review is in! Head over to this link to read the full review on Copenhagen Snus Mint, Natural and Wintergreen! 

Apparently the rumored Copenhagen Snus is going to be coming around before too long. I'll try and follow up with my contact at USST and see what the dealio is. Fresh from the USST website, confirmation that Copenhagen Snus is coming soon. Mint (surprise surprise), Wintergreen and wait.....wait....Natural? Wow, American tobacco is embracing a natural flavor. Granted, it's probably going to be loaded down with sugar and they STILL haven't disclosed their manufacturing methods, but again - it's a step in the right direction. I still don't endorse using any American "snus" product for the very reason that we simply don't know how it's made, and I don't feel safe putting this stuff in my lip for any longer than it takes to write a review. I'm hoping someday they come forward and tell us their methods. I am curious.

Our friends at Northerner.com are having a killer deal right now - spend $100 bucks (pre-tax, of course) you get free shipping. I know lots of you have exhausted your PACT Act Freakout-Stock, so this may be a good chance to stock up and also to try a lot of the new stuff that's come out recently. This deal is going to be going on until April 5th for orders shipped with UPS. Take advantage while it's going on.

Someone recently stumbled across some of the new Oden's Extreme (which I didn't know had been released yet) so I figured I'd go ahead and talk about it. It's not for sale in webstores yet, and I think he got it from Russia or something. I tested it for GN Tobacco recently, and it's pretty good stuff. It weighs in at a whopping 30mg of nicotine. I'm not sure if that's what was released in it's final form, but at the time of testing the nicotine level was reported as being around 30mg - making it the stronger snus on the planet outside of Makla. I haven't wrote up a full review but I'll share what I told GN Tobacco after I tested it. I don't know when the webstores are going to pick this up but I'll keep you guys posted as I get the news about a release date.

EDIT: After a phone call with some folks from GN, I found out the nicotine content in the new Extreme product is a little lower, but still quite strong. Around 22mg, which still makes it stronger than Skruf but not as strong as Makla. Still - the strongest pouched snus I've seen. The reason for this is that at 30mg they believed the snus would turn out very dry, so to keep the taste fresh and snus moist - the nicotine content is kept around 22mg.

"The can is the traditional GN Tobacco can as seen with previous Olde Viking releases. Not good, not bad, just kinda meh. I understand inheriting them from the old factory - I'm sure you have a ton of these, but they are bulky, and the lack of a catch lid is kinda annoying. It prevents this from being the ONLY snus someone can carry around, so that addition might bring on more brand loyalty. As you expand your product line brand loyalty is something you're going to want. The graphics on the can are pretty cool, a black can with a red label is great, and the fact that "EXTREME" isn't overdone but is simply stated is good. Keeping it simple but establishing that it is a strong product. I also like the incorporated Swedish flag on the reverse side of the can. Opening the can the aroma is very unique. Strong peppery aromas with a slightly sweet twist and a mellow citrus aroma. Pretty balanced, but very bold and strong. The portions have great mouthfeel, as I've always said with previous Olde Viking incarnations/GN products. Some of the most comfortable portions on the market, right behind LD Black - which is the most comfortable I've had to date. The portions are moist, but not oozing moisture - which I think is the key to a great original portion. Lots of taste right off the bat and the nicotine hit is superb. Hits a lot like a Skruf XTra Stark, very strong stuff. The taste was rather surprising. Usually something with a lot of nicotine is going to be very bitter, but this taste was unique. It's very spicy and bold. I'm not sure if spicy is what you were going for, but if this is the intended result, I like it. Not only is this snus extreme by name, or by nicotine strength, but the taste is very bold, powerful, and spicy. I like that a lot. The peppery notes are very present, a nice mellow salt balance, and a rich tobacco taste rounded out with a nice little citrus twist. The nicotine stays strong for quite some time, and mellows out about the 45 minute mark. The flavor stays strong for quite some time without getting bitter, which I was worried would happen as this is a very strong snus. The after taste isn't bad either. All together a pretty good snus. Spicy, bold, rich, and powerful."

I recently got a comment on a blog post from someone named Snus Girl, and I followed her link to her blog and found it to be pretty interesting. If you get a chance, check out SnusGirl.com, especially if you're a girl snuser (which I for one don't think we have enough of - but hey, that's just me). It's a really unique approach and I think it's very relatable if you're a girl and into snus or curious about snus. She quit smoking with snus and this kinda tells her story and talks about snus and fashion and shoes and other lady stuff. Another cool new blog is SnuScience, which approaches snus from a scientific perspective. Their blog description is "A scientist's perspective on snus, a potential reduced-exposure tobacco product that has helped many smokers in Sweden become smoke-free. Snus, unlike other forms of smokeless tobacco, is steam-pasteurized, which limits the formation of harmful carcinogens that are thought to underlie the risk for oral cancer associated with traditional dipping tobacco." Check that one out too - it's really interesting.

I'm REALLY excited about this one. I reviewed Thunder Coola a little while back and really liked it. But as you know if you've been reading my blog long, I don't do a lot of strong portions, and I enjoy white portions most of all. This went up for preorder at Northerner's Swedish warehouse. They should have it at their US store after it clears FDA in about 3 weeks or so. BuySnus and SnusCENTRAL and SwedishSnus should have it up and going for sale to the US soon as well. It starts production next week and is one of the new type white portions off their new machine/production line. I haven't reviewed it yet, but I've tried the new Offroad Eucalyptus which is one of their new white portions and they are VERY comfortable! I can only imagine what Coola would taste like as a regular strength white portion - it's going to be great.

Last but not least, more V2 news. A new Limited Edition release, codenamed "Chrom" will be coming soon and will be a Thunder Long+ line. One product has been confirmed as Coola Long+, with the other 4 remaining a mystery. I know what one of them is but have been sworn to secrecy. I can tell you that the one I know about is going to be pretty amazing, add Coola to that and 3 others that are still a mystery and this limited edition snus is going to be a hell of a release! I'm still hoping they release Brandy Alexander again, which is one of my favorite snuses - it was part of the Nordströmmen Los line a while back. Someday, somehow - I'm hoping V2 will bring this one back around. For those who didn't try it - I assure you, it is amazing. Keep an eye out for it, and as soon as we get the release date we'll get that info right out to you guys!


  1. Thank you so much for mentioning me! Really hope I can be an inspiration to other girls trying to quit smoking.
    As the snusexpert that you are, can you recommend any new snus I can try?

  2. Dude! I love your blog. I visit this site, pretty much everyday, in hope of a new post! Keep on doing what you do! :)I keep my fingers crossed, that one of the new thunder snuses comes in a pineapple flavour!that would´ve been legit!:D