Skruf Mellan White (Discontinued) - Review. 31 May 2011.

There was formerly a review of Skruf Slim Fresh in this article, that has since been moved here.

It's been a while since I wrote about a new Skruf product. The last one I wrote about was the release of Skruf XTra Stark in February of 2010. Skruf is moving forward in a big way, not just with the release of this product, but they've launched a webstore of their own -, kind of like the Oden's/GN folks did - So if you're in Sweden, check it out - because I think that's the only place they ship to anyway. Alright, so moving along, let's get into the reviews.

NOTE:  Skruf Mellan has been discontinued and is no longer for sale.

The next one I spent some time with was the new Skruf Mellan (White Portion). I know you're thinking what I thought when I read that the first time. Melon....snus? Mellan is actually a Swedish word, which loosely means "middle". In Sweden they have Mellan Milk, Mellan Beer, etc. It's kind of the "in between-er". It's the first snus I've noticed that makes use of the 1 on the can's strength scale. The description of this one reads as follows, "Not too strong, not too weak… …just right! This snus has a mild tobacco character and lower nicotine content than the original Skruf." Swedish Match recently released the Catch Pure Mint and General Smooth Flavour which are both medium snuses (Mellan, if you will) - classic tasting products with a lighter nicotine strength. There must be a new demographic to appeal to that is asking for less nicotine in their snus, apparently not everyone is a stark-lover!

Opening the can I found the classic Skruf aroma that I love oh so much, that mellow tobacco with a little hint of rose, it's very unique and you'll only find this aroma in Skruf. The portions are white portions with a generous amount of nicotine. They're surprisingly moist for white portions, they feel super soft in your hand and very comfortable in your mouth. The taste of these reminds me a lot of the classic Skruf recipe, just a little more chill and mellow. The taste is a lot like Skruf Stark (White Portion), but with less nicotine. A little more mellow on the flavor and aroma, you could call it Skruf Stark Lite. I myself like regular strength with an occasional stark so this isn't my cup of tea personally, but for those looking for a classic taste (especially if you're a Skruf fan) but with less nicotine - you can't go wrong with this one.


  1. I really wish that I could enjoy this. I have been a Swedish Snus user for several years now...LONG before it was the new "trend" here in the U.S., but I can't bring myself to spend $60 a roll now that the stupid government shipping regulations are in effect! Instead I am forced to use the overly processed, overly sweet, overly dry US imitations. The American Marlboro and Camel versions are HORRIBLE attempts (and we don't even know if it is made like true snus). Oh Skruf Stark, General, and Nick & I miss thee! Thank you for the great reviews, I think I would enjoy the Fresh!


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