17 February 2012

Smålands (White and Original) Reviews. 17 February 2012.

With snus prices on the rise, seems like everyone is coming out with a "value priced" snus. F and L released Knekt, Swedish Match released Kaliber, and now Skruf is releasing their value priced snus - Smålands. First of all, if you're wondering, Småland is a historical province in Sweden. The name means, of course, "small lands". This snus is for sale at The Northerner, and is priced slightly less than Skruf. Skruf Original Portion is priced at $4.44 USD, while the new Smålands is priced at $3.76. So it's a tad cheaper. This snus is a complete departure for Skruf - which is very standard with their products, these two are completely different from the entire other Skruf line.

I'll start with the Original Portion. It's the easiest way to get the flavor tapped, so this is the one I cracked first. The aroma of the can is a pure tobacco with a mix of bergamot and lemon, as well as a little grassy smell. The taste is very simple - a basic tobacco taste with a taste of bergamot, a little lemon and a little pepper bite in the background. This can only had 20 portions in it. The flavor mellows out pretty quickly and becomes rather bland after about 15-20 minutes. No rose oil, as is common with other Skruf products, and no heavy presence of bergamot or citrus in the snus other than in the aroma. The snus isn't terrible - I mean, it's not great, but it doesn't completely suck. I've had a lot worse. Around the 30 minute mark the taste fizzles out into a bland "meh" flavor.

Whereas the OP had 20 portions, this one only had 19. The aroma of the white portion is much more subdued than the original portion, a little smokey tobacco aroma. The taste is much more "meh" than the first one, the flavor doesn't really come out no matter how much I lick this portion, I had to pre-wet it with some running water to moisten up the portion - but by then it was an original portion, or close to it. The taste is a pretty basic tobacco taste, with a little bergamot and a very small pepper bite. The flavor takes a long time to develop, but it never seems to reach it's full potential. This snus doesn't suck, I've had a lot worse, but it's just not that good. Definitely not something I'd want to try again.  The original portion isn't too bad, but the white portion just didn't do it for me.

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