21 April 2011

Skruf Announces Two New Products. 21 April 2011.

Last week I received word that Skruf Snus AB would be launching two new products. I, and a few other folks, guessed one would be a white portion of an already existing product, Skruf XTra Stark. I assumed the other would be mint or wintergreen, because apparently that's what everyone is going with nowadays. Thankfully, I was wrong about the mint or wintergreen. One new product is a completely new addition to the Skruf lineup, one is a white portion of an already existing product - Tranbar.

Skruf Mellan. It's being described as "...a snus that is just right, offering a genuine snus experience with a lower nicotine content." Andrew Cunningham, CEO of Skruf said, "We listen to our consumers and the launch of a milder snus which is produced without compromises is awaited. Therefore, our new product is a natural step for an innovative company such as Skruf." With the recent released of General Smooth and Catch Pure Mint by Swedish Match - both medium sized portion at 7mg of nicotine, slightly less than a regular portion, it's showing that there is a market for slightly reduced snus in a regular sized/medium sized portion. "The launches we are doing are fully in line with our image as a modern and stylish snus option to suit any social situations. We offer something for customers who want a real snus but that does not identify with the traditional image of snuff users," says Andrew Cunningham. To explain the word "mellan", it roughly translates to between or inbetween. In Sweden, there is mellan milk, mellan beer, and now mellan snus.

The other release is the white portion of the popular Skruf Tranbar. Recently I wrote about V2 discontinuing Offroad Cranberry, and in March 2010 they discontinued Offroad Cranberry Strong. It seems that V2 is moving away from cranberry snus. When I first started using snus I did a fun little Cranberry Snus Deathmatch. In the end, and as long as I've been snusing, I've preferred Offroad Cranberry. That being said, I may need to revisit Skruf Tranbar (cranberry) again sometime soon. I like cranberry, and as it may be the only cranberry snus available soon - I may end up using it. It seems as though there's a lot more Skruf Tranbar users than Offroad Cranberry users - so I may have to check it out again, especially now that it's in a white portion, which sometimes balances out the flavor a little better. So look for those coming soon, I'd guess early May, as that seems to be when a lot of new stuff is coming out.

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