Elixyr Snus is no more. 16 February 2011.

I'm sad to report today that Elixyr Power Energy has been discontinued. I'm not too sad about the passing of Elixyr Peppermint, couldn't stand that stuff. It's a bummer to see Elixyr go because it was the only full sized snus that blended tobacco, nicotine, and caffeine in a way that I could hang with. The TillCE varieities are okay, but just too small and dry, definitely not what I want in the morning when I need a quick pick me up. Elixyr going like this is going to leave a hole in the snus world, and I hope someone will pick up the ball and run with it. Adios, Elixyr, you will be missed. Except you - Elixyr Peppermint. I don't like you.