New Indian Snus - Chaini Khaini Saffran. 28 December 2010.

The Northerner has a new snus available for sale, Chaini Khaini Saffran! For those not familiar, Chaini Khaini is an Indian flavored snus. I reviewed two others that they released earlier this year - Chaini Khaini Mango and Chaini Khaini Spice. Though they weren't something I'd use on a regular basis, I did find the tastes to be interesting and unique. It will be interesting to see how this one turns out. I cook with Saffron (correct spelling, btw) from time to time - I often use it to color things like rice and potatoes and add a Spanish style flavor - so I'm curious to see how this pairs with a snus. I see potential though! It's not available to folks in the US yet, so we'll keep you updated if anything changes.

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