New Granit Snus - Stark & Special White. 25 January 2011.

Our friends at have recently added two new products to their Swedish warehouse (sorry guys, not available to the US for those here locally). Granit Special White Portion and Granit Stark (Strong Portion). The cans are the standard issue Granit cans - black, pretty basic. Granit Stark is listed as having a "High Level" of nicotine, no exact content - and a tobacco flavor.

Granit Special White Portion, however, is a little different. It's listed as having a tobacco flavor and a licorice flavor. I'm curious to see what this one is going to taste like. This leads me to wonder if the Granit name is going to be diversified like the Lucky Strike name was when they added Nites, Bold, Los, etc. Granit already has Original Portion, Maxi, Los and White Portion available currently. These are listed as new products, and are currently in stock and ready to ship!

NOTE: This product is one that is currently not available from If you'd like to enjoy this snus, we suggest buying it from our friends at