18 January 2012

New Skruf Slim Products! 18 January 2012.

Skruf is bringing some more slim products to their "Skruf Slim" line, namely Nordic White and Original. In the past, I've reviewed the Xtra Stark Slim and Slim Fresh, and both were pretty comfortably slim portions, so I look forward to trying some more of these. Slim portions seem to be all the rage lately, after Swedish Match broke into the slim market with 01/02 a few years ago - everyone has been getting in on the action. I've said it a thousand times, slim portions/long portions are the best and most comfortable way to enjoy snus. I've noticed these for sale on Northerner, so US folks can't get them yet, but folks in the EU should be able to get their hands on

The Original looks to be just their classic flavor in a regular nicotine strength with a long portion. The "Nordic White" is another mint, which is odd because they already have a slim mint, so this is another slim mint. The flavor description lists it as, "Peppermint and spearmint flavor, with subtle herbal notes. " I don't know what the fascination is with mint lately but they're just coming from everyone in all shapes, sizes, and strengths. It'll be interesting to see how different this Nordic White is from their other mint, Slim Fresh.

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