23 January 2010

Offroad Frosted (Original Portion) - Review. 23 January 2010.

My very first snus I ever bought a roll of was Thunder Frosted. It just grew on me. I went through about 4 or 5 rolls of it before two things happened. One - I couldn't do flavored snus all the time. And two - I couldn't chain snus sterks like I used to. Months ago, I started using General White as my full time snus, but I always kept a few cans of Thunder Frosted in the fridge, just to have some to go back to as needed.

I enjoy the occasional mint snus, especially after I brush my teeth or before bed. When I go for that occasional flavored snus, the majority of the time it's a Thunder Frosted. Or Triumph Mint, if I'm lucky enough to have some at that time, but it's hard to keep it in stock, so it's a rarity that I have it when I want it. But, I still found myself not quite wanting all the nicotine of a Thunder Frosted ES portion. I just wanted that smooth, fresh spearmint flavor, but not all the nicotine. Enter Offroad Frosted.

The thing I like most about Offroad Frosted is that the portions are moist, but not too moist. I like Thunder Frosted, don't get me wrong, but the heavy moisture content of the portion is something that turned on me after a while. I don't like a heavy drip. Offroad Frosted portions, as you can see from the picture, are moist, but not oozing. Also, the portions are very, very full. This may be just the fact that these are the first off the assembly line, but I did enjoy that from the first few cans I went through, and I didn't notice any change in subsequent cans, either. The aroma of Offroad Frosted is very reminiscent of Thunder Frosted, a fresh spearmint aroma, and the taste is similar as well. Granted, it does not taste exactly like Thunder Frosted, but the flavor is pretty close. Very pure, fresh, clear taste of spearmint with a pleasant aftertaste. And the thing I like most - the nicotine content. 8mg portions. Granted, form time to time I do like a sterk, but when I just want a mint snus, it's nice that I can now reach for a non-mini portion with a regular portion nicotine content and a great flavor.

If you haven't tried it yet, check it out!  It's worth trying.

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