08 August 2011

Swedish Match to release Grov Kardus. 8 August 2011.

Last year I had a pleasant surprise for Christmas, a box of Ettan Kardus. This is not to be confused with regular Kardus. Ettan Kardus (and now Grov Kardus) is a limited release which is hand wrapped by the folks at the Tobacco & Match Museum. It's being called Grov Kardus, not because it's long cut or anything like that, but because back in the day snus was wrapped in paper and called Kardus, which means letter tobacco. The package, in essence, resembled a letter. Only one place in the world still makes Grov Kardus, and that's The Tobaks and Tändsticks Museum, or to Americans it'd be the Tobacco and Match Museum. Next week 100 of these are being released to the following webstores - BuySnus.com, SnusCENTRAL.com, SwedishSnus.com, Northerner.com and SnusBolaget.se. Last year only 40 were released, this year they're releasing 100. Now that means it's still VERY limited so if you want some get it quick. The price point is being set around 250 SEK which is around 38.57$ USD. It's a pretty hefty box, right around 250 grams. So keep your eye out for it, it's coming next week!

I just got my hands on some, check out my video review here:

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