Official Announcement: Motörhead by Grov! 8 June 2012

Today, at the Sweden Rock Festival, Motörhead will showcase a special and limited edition of the brand Grovsnus thus ushering in a new and limited edition from Swedish Match, Motörhead by Grovsnus. This snus comes complete with an intense metal designed can. Mikkey Dee, the Swedish drummer of Motörhead is a snus user and has always been very vocal about his snus use. "I love snus and have been using Grovsnus as long as I can remember," he recently said. Slash - the former lead guitarist of Guns N' Roses - has recently quit smoking with snus as well. It's cool to see rock stars - formerly all about Sex, Drugs, Rock N' Roll - and cigarettes - are picking up snus. Hopefully this will serve as a better image for those who look up to rock stars.

As a drummer, I have always loved snus because I can enjoy nicotine satisfaction and play the drums at the same time. Mikkey Dee agrees, "There are a thousand reasons not to smoke, one of which is that playing drums with both your hands occupied is a bit tricky." Motörhead by Grovsnus is for sale now in a limited edition with 150,000 cans and is available currently from your favorite web stores! You can check out more images below from the press release. I should have some of this new snus here early next week so look forward to a review soon!

I've also heard from a blogger in Sweden who was in Sölvesborg at Sweden Rock Festival,, "I saw and purchased at a Statoil (gas station)....", so those of you in Sweden who don't want to buy from a webstore - keep an eye out and you may be able to find it over the counter.

Details from Snus Store:
Snus form: Regular portion snus
Snus content per can: 21.6 grams
Number of portions per can: approx 24
Nicotine: 8 mg/portion


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