01 August 2011

The Lab Series 0506 - Coming Soon! 2 August 2011.

Hard to believe it's been almost 2 years since I wrote about 0102 in preview form. While this new endeavor launched a new line of Swedish Match snus - in size and portion, many looked upon it as very innovative - a original/white type portion with no drip, and the first long portion. 01/02 was met with a lot of praise following it's release and others followed shortly thereafter with long portions - V2 and Skruf. The market obviously responded well to this, and mixed with the desire for stronger snus - Swedish Match plans to release the next step in the Lab Series - 0506. It does make me wonder where 03/04 is - I would guess that's General Long and General Long Sterk - though not officially called that.

Swedish Match describes 05 White Strong (Long) as having "...Well balanced round tobacco character with hints of green herbs, oak and cedar, and a little nuttiness and flowers." As this portion is called "Strong White" it leads me to believe it's much like the other long white portions Swedish Match has released - General Smooth and Catch Pure Mint, but in a regular size long portion in the white format and a higher nicotine content.

Swedish Match describes 06 Extra Strong Long as having "...Strong and spicy tobacco character with hints of herbs, oak and cedar, and a little nuttiness and flowers." This portion, I believe, will probably be like the traditional Lab Series, or General Long - an original type portion with little to no drip and a higher nicotine content. The taste sounds similar to 0102, so it will be interesting to see how the recipe has been tweaked.

Preorder begins Week 31 Online (1st week of August). Shipping and Online Sales begin Week 35 (last week of August). The nicotine content of each of these was originally reported at 12.5 mg per portion, however it has recently been confirmed that 06 has 20mg of nicotine - wow! Each portion consists of 45% water - so even the white type portion should be quite moist. Look for it to hit preorder at webstores soon!

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