19 October 2011

Thunder Frosted RAW - ULTRA Strong. Coming soon! 19 October 2011

V2 Tobacco recently announced on their Facebook page that a new product is coming soon - Thunder Frosted RAW, a snus with 21 mg of nicotine. They've used the word "Ultra Strong", which seems appropriate giving that with the release of GNT's products in the Extreme line - Extreme 59 and Extreme (regular), it seems about time a new word was established to seperate the newcomers from the regular Ekstra Sterk/Extra Strong class of snus. This new release is a "Frosted" snus, which means it will have the clear spearmint taste of their other Frosted snus, but just hella strong. One thing I've noticed about V2 snus is their regular ES snuses are quite strong, so this one will more than likely have a rather high free nicotine (usable nicotine level) and be even more strong. So look for it to come soon to your favorite webstore!

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