07 May 2012

Catch Collection//Spring Street (Apple Cinnamon) Review. (Limited Edition) 7 May 2012.

NOTE:  This product was a limited edition release and is no longer for sale.

In February, I reviewed the new Catch Collection//Layfayette Street (Spearmint), which was the first of the 2012 Catch Collection. This year, Swedish Match has decided to name their releases after streets in New York. Every year, the Catch Collection brings some of Swedish Match's most unique and interesting flavors in a limited edition format. For some reason, they keep coming as mini portions, but SM swears that's what people want. Though I've tried lobbying to get a regular size Catch Collection, my efforts haven't paid off yet. But I'm still hopeful. In the past we've seen Mint Vanilla, Violet Licorice, Cardamom Cinnamon, Rhubarb, Elder Lime, Ginger Orange, and Raspberry Pepper. Truly a diverse bunch of flavors. Mint Vanilla actually was re-released due to popular demand - to date it's still my favorite of the releases.

So now, we're on to Apple Cinnamon. The cans for Spring Street is one of the new Swedish Match mini cans, small and discrete and featuring the graphics of the 2012 Catch Collection which seems to be representing some kind of night life or city life. When you open the can the aroma is delicious, a smell of rich apple with hints of cinnamon in the background. I absolutely could not wait to get this one into my lip. I have to double barrel these, as they're mini portions and I need a little more oomph when I use them. About half way through this can I finally realized what this stuff reminds me of. Quaker Instant Oatmeal: Apples With Cinnamon. My daughter loves that stuff for breakfast, and I can always recall the smell of opening the packet and this seems to be exactly reminiscent of that flavor. A really rich apple taste with hints of mellow cinnamon. It's a really simple taste but so, so, so good. This isn't a snus I could use all the time, I see myself burning out on the flavor after a few cans, but like Mint Vanilla - it's one I will put into the freezer stock for when I get that craving for a dessert type snus.

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