New snus from Swedish Match - Below Zero. 12 August 2011.

The Swedish Match snus machine is in overdrive lately, because in the end of August, Swedish Match will be gearing up to release another new snus - Below Zero, a new strong portion mint snus. They've been on a roll this month, first announcing Lab Series 0506, Grov Kardus and then General Green Harvest. Now comes Below Zero. At first, production will only release about 30,000 cans of this and depending on sales it may be added to the Swedish Match product line. The product description lists it as, "A high nicotine snus, medium-bodied tobacco character with clear hints of fresh balsamic mint, and with well-rounded sweetness. One can contains 20 portions." I don't know the difference between mint and balsamic mint, so this will be pretty interesting. The nicotine content of Below Zero is 14mg so it's going to be a pretty heavy hitter in the nicotine department.

Obviously, comparisons will be drawn between this and Nick & Johnny Crushed Ice, they look oddly similar. N&J Crushed Ice is a little bit stronger - at 15mg of nicotine. It's description is "....a medium-bodied tobacco character with clear hints of fresh mint, and with well-rounded sweetness." So it sounds about the same but may taste different. It'll be interesting to compare once I get the new stuff. I liked N&J Crushed Ice, so if this is anything like that I'll be pleased. This may be an attempt to rebrand Crushed Ice for some reason, who knows. I think the Nick & Johnny brand name is very strong so that is probably the least likely of scenarios. Look for it to hit webstores soon!