09 January 2012

Lots of new Swedish Match products in early 2012! 9 January 2012.

2012 is here and that means lots of new products coming to talk about. V2 recently released their product release schedule, and now it's time for some Swedish Match news. So heads up, they're coming with quite a few new things. First, General Smooth is being discontinued effective 6 February 2011 due to not living up to sales expectations. First, a new limited edition Goteborg's Rape, called Goteborg's Rape Åre will be coming the 1st of February. It's a new cool looking can but with the same classic Goteborg's Rape flavor, so if you're a collector be sure to check that out. Goteborg's Rape Kardus will also be coming the 1st of February. As we've discussed in the past, this isn't like the "Kardus" snus released yearly by Swedish Match, this is a different type of Kardus. Back in the day - snus was wrapped by hand in letter tobacco known as Kardus. This is a very limited edition hand packaged by the nice folks at the Tobacco & Match Museum. So it's a very limited edition way to enjoy a good snus. Definitely check it out, it's worth the cost. A new General Mini - General Strong Mini White will be coming the 6th of February. Not sure if this will taste like General White or General Sterk White, but either way it'll be a mini with the classic General taste. The General Long family gets a new member with General Long Extra Strong, which is coming the 6th of February for the Norway market only, though I believe we'll see this online eventually. This will taste like General Long Sterk and General Long, but with a stronger nicotine content. And as part of their yearly Catch Collection, Swedish Match is releasing the first of this line called "Lafayette Street", which will have a spearmint flavor. Though I don't know the reasoning for the name, Lafayette Street is a street in Manhatten so perhaps it's named after that. Also, Nash says it's a gay vampire on True Blood.

Lots of new and exciting snuses coming soon over the next few months, so keep an eye out for all that! For now though, you can check out all the images below of all the new products. We'll have more info and reviews of the products once we get our hands on them.

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