15 April 2011

New Marlboro and N&J products from SM! 15 April 2011.

Breaking news - this just in from Swedish Match, although not about the new US product we've heard about recently. No, this is something completely different. Week 18 of 2011, three new products will come forth. Marlboro and N&J Crushed Ice. These will be launched online and in Norway. However, Marlboro will not be sold to US customers. Probably for the same reasons JTI's Camel Snus isn't sold to US customers.

The new Nick and Johnny Crushed Ice will be a "medium-bodied tobacco character with clear hints of fresh mint, and well rounded sweetness." It will have a nicotine content of 15mg, so this will be a strong portion. Jakobsson's has a strong portion mint snus on the market as well, so this may be something like that. I'm thinking of the bold taste of Nick and Johnny with mint mixed in, which poses to be a rather interesting combination. I look forwarding to seeing what this is all about. Granted, there are a lot of mint snuses out there, but taking a strong name like Nick and Johnny and releasing a mint snus under that label could be something new and exciting.

Next, Marlboro Snus. This is an interesting one. It's described as having a unique taste profile which is reminiscent of the traditional Marlboro aroma. It will come in two formats – Original Portion Large and White Portion Large. The portions will be strong in delivery – specially developed and tested for the Norwegian market, which as we know loves stronger snus. They're going to have a modern, yet classic look, with a design which appeals to the premium snus user. The nicotine content will come in at 12.5mg.

Look for these available around Week 18!

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  1. Its like Catch Pure mint and Nick and Johnny Strong had a baby !